Zac's Story

This is Zac from Brisbane Qld Australia. He’s nearly 14 and anaphylactic to dairy.

“We have known since he was introduced to solid food at 6 months and he was originally diagnosed with allergies to egg, treenuts and peanuts but has grown out of them.

He has had many reactions over the years and is touch sensitive. They only time we’ve administered the EpiPenĀ® was his last year of primary school when he ate a sweet from the canteen. We think it was a cross-contamination reaction.

These photos show a timeline of a reaction for him. The first taken at the restaurant for his brother’s Birthday celebrations, the second after he’d eaten, third the following morning and the fourth 36 hours afterwards. We were assured his meal was carefully prepared and safe. I worry about him entering the teenager years. About friends, girls and parties. About alcohol. About the future…

Career options and part time jobs through school. About him traveling. About the general public’s ignorance. About losing my son to something the rest of us do not have to think about. Thank you for reading and educating.”