Stephanie's Story

My allergy developed at the age of 16, but got to the point of anaphylaxis after I had my son. Nuts are hidden in a lot of vegan and vegetarian food, and I’ve been vegetarian since I was a child. It definitely adds an extra level to an allergy but is not something I would even consider changing.

I lived in Morocco for 6 years and realised how allergies just aren’t really a thing there like they are in the UK. There’s a number of different theories why, but I can go through that another day. My son has learnt how to advocate for allergies, often listing all allergies including irrelevant ones, better safe than sorry.

Luckily he is allergy free, and his school doesn’t have any allergy kids at the moment so he can take a nutty bar to school to help him stay desensitised. I’ve found people to be generally helpful when I express my allergy (in particular flights) but quite often restaurants lack knowledgeable staff who don’t understand allergies.

Occasionally I will have a server who will say “don’t worry, I/a sibling/ a good friend has that allergy and I get it, I’ll do all I can” etc but that is rare. It makes all the difference to have someone who understands your condition!