Sonny's Story

Letteria shares her 3 year old son’s allergy story 💙

S O N N Y S. S T O R Y. 
This is my perfect little man sonny he is currently a 3 year old, he suffers allergies.

Sonny had his very first reaction to peanut butter at 6 months old where he had picked up a bit of toast from his big sister (no I didn’t give him the toast he picked it up from her plate) it wasn’t an anaphylactic reaction, he broke out in a rash and had hives all over him, his dad had just done first aid and had training in anaphylaxis he was straight on to it thank goodness, a bath and a bit of antihistamine fixed this and from then we knew to keep him away from peanuts.

Sonny had his second reaction this time to egg on good Friday he was 15months old my parents own a pizza shop / coffee shop Sonny had a cake at his 1st birthday and had a few cupcakes and never had any problems, I was having eggs and my beautiful daughter was having a boiled egg I gave sonny some of our toast with a bit of dipped in egg on it, the instant the egg touched his lips he was swollen he looked like elephant man. We were just around the corner from the hospital I put him straight in the car and took him there by the time we got to the hospital I couldn’t even recognise my perfect little sonny mans face, he was unconscious, he was still breathing I could see his stomach moving, as soon as we got there they cut his clothes off him gave him adrenaline, a steroid, and antihistamines.

It took him a good 5 minutes to open his eyes it felt like a life time we stayed in there for 6 hours while the beautiful staff monitored him it was the scariest day of my life, never have I had the feeling that it was possible I was going to lose one of my babies and that feeling I never wish upon any one, we were given a referral to the Royal children’s and this is where our journey begun. 

We were in to see the Royal Children’s with in weeks of his first anaphylactic reactions where they tested him for eggs, peanuts, and a whole a lot of other things. His egg and peanut readings were fairly high and with this I was given his EpiPen and his plan for what we should do in case it was to happen again. I will be the first to tell you I was so uneducated on allergies so I had a lot of work to do to make sure I could do everything in my power to keep my little man safe.

We had 2 appointments at the Royal Children where sonny was on the boarder for anaphylaxis with eggs so they told us to come back and they would give him an egg challenge. This is where they do a batch of cup cakes they put 1 egg in and bake 12 cupcakes sonny had a finger nail piece of the cupcake and started reacting straight away so they gave him his medication and told us to steer clear of eggs his reading for peanuts was too high to even think about testing him.

6 months later we went back and got the news I didn’t really want, Sonny is growing into his allergies not out of them. By the age of 6 you will know if this is a life time thing or not, Sonny’s doctor isn’t confident Sonny will grow out of them as when we first went his reading for eggs was an 8 and peanuts was a 12, now his reading for eggs is a 17 and peanuts is at 15. Sonny is also allergic to dog saliva where he breaks out in hives and a rash with this I had to get rid of my beautiful little mini foxy boofa as Sonny couldn’t even go out the backyard with out reacting. 

This affects our everyday life, I get anxiety taking him out of our 4 walls, going to the park, to the supermarket, going to eat out or getting take away. My daughter is 5 years old and is amazing, she has special times at her mamas and nanas where she gets to eat eggs and peanuts and has a bath before she comes home as she understands how serious this is. 

It scares me now but what scares me is one day I’m not going to be in control of every move he makes and at 6 when he his off to school. The worries other parents have are “is my child going to have friends” and “I hope their happy”. I have the chance every time I take Sonny out of the house that he could possibly die, mine will be I hope to god I have educated Sonny enough to know not to touch anyone’s food and I pray other parents stick to the rules of no peanuts. There will still be eggs, and I dread the day he has a drop off party to go to.

I want him to live a life as normal as possible but he needs to know by 6 how to administrate an EpiPen and what he can and can not eat.
While other kids have the worries of what toy to play with mine has the worry of a lot more, I will do everything in my power to educate him and hope to god that he is always safe.

X thanks for taking the time to read his little story I know there is a lot worst things kids can have, but this is our story X