Rourke's Story

“Filled with gratitude today for the paediatric intensive care paramedics who retrieved Rourke last night…

..20 minutes felt like hours as antihistamine, Ventolin and 2 x adult EpiPensĀ® didn’t even knock a dent in it. We felt helpless.

But SA Ambulance Service did a stellar job at stabilising him with oxygen, IV steroids and an adrenalin infusion en route as he further deteriorated. Another rebound in the ED kept us in a bay for longer than usual but all that vomit was the best thing his body could have done – with it out of his stomach the reaction slowly calmed and he stabilised.

We’re still in hospital but he’s looking pretty good now. This was certainly his fastest, most aggressive #anaphylaxis yet. ”

Please join us in sending recovery and grateful vibes to our friends at Our little Junebug & Co.