Rachel's Story

We have been contacted by Rachel’s Mum who has shared her tragic story and we look forward to welcoming her a globalaai Ambassador for Change soon. Globalaai will continue their work for those like Rachel who so sadly lost their lives from food allergies.

“Rachel is from Georgia USA and died from an anaphylactic reaction due to a peanut allergy. She ordered take out and there was cross contact. She had never had a serious reaction in her 18 years. My mission in life is to share her story and educate others about the seriousness of food allergies. We donated her organs and she saved four lives. I’m hoping by sharing her story many more lives will be saved.”

Rest In Peace dear Rachel, to her brave mummy the globalaai community wrap their arms around you collectively and are in awe of your strength and determination. We hope together we can make positive worldwide changes for safety and social awareness.