Patricia's Story

I live in the southeastern US, in the state of Georgia. I’ve been allergic to latex since the mid-1990s, and I’ve unsuccessfully tried to avoid exposure ever since.
I have had reactions in churches, car dealerships, general stores, grocery stores, hotels, craft stores, malls, post offices, office buildings, public event arenas, park and rest stop bathrooms, and other people’s cars, to name a few.

As a person who is fairly reactive to balloons (there are so many stores I can’t go into because of them) and powdered latex gloves (there are hotels and other venues that use powdered latex gloves to clean bathrooms and the like — I recently had to cancel going to a large meeting because the hotel ordered “lightly powdered” latex gloves last month), I invariably encounter a lot of ignorance about natural rubber latex allergy when I make inquiries.

I’m looking for pointers and ideas about community education campaigns. I’ve written letters to various stores and other places, but mostly I make phone calls when I have the energy.

Is there anyone who has the time and expertise to share information with local volunteers who want to make an impact on public education? We desperately need an effort here.