Lucas's Story

Meet Lucas he is from Montreal, Canada. His Mummy, Ann tells a story for you all to be reminded of an important lesson:

“Today we had a big annual family get together. We drove 45 mins from home and realised Lucas had forgotten his EpiPen®. Actually we had all forgotten his EpiPen®. Dad booked it on his bag, I changed bags and did not notice it, Lucas did not double check his waist for his meds. We all dropped the ball. We all blamed one another but we all came to the same conclusion that we needed another EpiPen®. So we made our way to the local pharmacy, the amazing pharmacist called our pharmacist, and arranged to send a prescription to St-Jean. We all agreed that Lucas could not eat without his EpiPen®, we needed to use this as an example of the importance to not take chances.

No Epi = No eat.
We made our way to the party, a little late but safe and guess what folks (and I cry as I write this because it could have been bad) Lucas had an allergic reaction tonight and we had to administer THAT EpiPen®! Here is a photo of Lucas at the hospital and he is fine now. Please carry your EpiPens®. A reaction can happen at any time. We were also very lucky because one of the cousins is an amazing doctor who helped us with the situation, we were in great hands! She could also have administered her EpiPen® as her child has peanut allergy.”

Globalaai asks for EpiPens® to be freely available like in Australia where they are able to be purchased without prescription. Furthermore the widespread installation of globalaai Emergency EpiPen® stations to save a life.

Anaphylaxis is real. It can creep up and strike when you least expect it. We are all human and occasionally forget life saving EpiPens®, but as a collective community we need to be inclusive and care for the wellbeing and safety of each other. Prevent anaphylaxis deaths, support globalaai and encourage worldwide social awareness and safety for Anaphylaxis.