Laura's Story

Meet Laura 🇬🇧

She lives in East Sussex and recently graduated and is a Primary School teacher. She is currently spending some time in Australia travelling.

Laura is allergic to peanuts, all treenuts and the spice nutmeg. She always carry EpiPen®️ everywhere. Laura is 25 years old and was diagnosed when she was 7.

Laura has suffered anaphylaxis a few times. “My most recent and worst reaction in June 2018. I ate a pudding which possibly contained nutmeg and had to administer my Epipen®️. I was hospitalised for 2 days.

I often travel every summer to go on holiday. I have never had an issue with flights regarding my allergy before. It was something I never used to worry about. British Airways (March 2019), were amazing with my allergy. They made an announcement and didn’t serve any nuts at all throughout my long haul flight. I always bring my own food on flights that I cook from home.”

Unfortunately for a short domestic Aussie flight with Qantas Laura describes being surrounded by her fellow 160 passengers being served an almond slice that was complementary despite notifying crew of her concerns.

Laura was given a mask to wear which she knows won’t prevent an airborne reaction, she was frightened and spent time in the plane’s toilet.

One day she hopes airlines don’t serve free snacks, consider snacks without nuts and that routine flight announcements are made highlighting allergies.

Globalaai is sharing this story to open a conversation about air travel. About food on planes and about social inclusivity and safety of those who live at risk of anaphylaxis. How would you feel being given a mask to wear and having your allergen served to everyone around you within a plane? ✈️

We send our thoughts and care to Laura as she recovers from a difficult and scary situation, and of course hope she can travel safely on her journey.