Latrice's Story

Meet 19 year old Latrice, an allergy warrior in her own right who is always doing what she can to foster understanding and bring attention to anaphylaxis… are some words from Latrice’s mum about her daughter and their family’s journey with allergy:

“Latrice is constantly thinking of ways she could bring attention and understanding to what the world makes fun of, or shoves to the side. 

I’d like to add that as parents we have had the tough job of convincing doctors of what we have already detected to be wrong in our children. 

When I first wanted Latrice checked for her allergy I was refused and was told that I was smothering and too much. 
I thought I was crazy but I stuck to my intuition and steered away from foods that I saw caused her discomfort – stomach aches, cramps , vomiting or itchiness around her mouth. It wasn’t until she had her first severe attack that she was tested. She was around 7 or 8 years old. I was asked by them why she hadn’t been tested before, fingers pointed to me. 🤦🏽‍♀️
There are not many tests or research that has been done to help promote or teach us, their parents, on how to do better for our children.  

Doctors have never given me straight answers. 
I’ve always left the doctors feeling more confused. The advice I’ve been given is to basically dance around the anaphylaxis and hopefully my daughter won’t become a statistic. 

This isn’t good enough! We need better doctors! We need more research! We need to know why this is happening! 

I don’t want to be congratulated for keeping my daughter alive! What kind of doctor says that???? I want my daughter to love her life! 

I’m trying to find everything I can to help my daughter but I feel alone in this fight as doctors have left me and my daughter feeling like there’s absolutely nothing we can do because they don’t know or can’t answer my questions. 

Along with her anaphylaxis Latrice also suffers from eczema, asthma, chronic conjunctivitis and hay fever. 

She’s also ana to her own sweat and the sun. 

I was laughed at when I first went to the doctors after a specific incident. Latrice would sleep for days! She would wake up with a swollen face and doctors again could not treat it or tell me it was anaphylaxis

We have found a deep rooted connection between her eczema and anaphylaxis. She monitors her skin and is always careful when her eczema flares up. Because she is an active person and working as a professional dancer she has to be on top of it.”

Parents trust your instincts!