Jontae and Hayden's Story

“Our allergy story started when my eldest son Jontae went into full anaphylactic shock at the age of 13 months after eating half a cashew. Within minutes my beautiful boy was cover in huge welted hives, red all over, unrecognisably swollen and fighting to breathe. Thank goodness we were only half a kilometre away from our major children’s hospital at the time and were able to get him help ASAP. He’s still alive and a gorgeous happy and healthy 13 year old who’s anaphylactic to peanuts and all tree nuts. He’s also allergic to soy, coconut and mango.

Then comes my youngest spirited lil man Hayden who at the age of 8 months went into anaphylactic shock to something he’d been happily eating for two months, Bananas! Yep that’s right out of the blue BOOM! Scariest moment ever. Turns out Hayden is also anaphylactic to oats, all nuts, shellfish and latex too. He has a hard time with kiwi fruit, strawberries and avocado too.

No prior history of anaphylaxis in our families on either side and when we hear, OMG it must be so hard? Well it was to start out with learning about what to avoid, how to read labels and the anxiety of it all. But now we are a little bit more at ease because we stay informed, alert and talk openly about anaphylaxis amongst our immediate family as well as to our friends and other relatives. We are getting there. It’s constant education and awareness that is key to helping your family survive and stay sane dealing with this terrifyingly dangerous thing called anaphylaxis!

Thank you to Pooja and the amazing job you are doing to help create awareness around the word.

Loads of love and blessings,
Erica, Jontae and Hayden.”