Jerriah's Story

This cute guy is Jerriah, he has had food allergies since he was 9 months old, here’s what his mum has to say about Jerriah and his allergy experience: 

“This is Jerriah. He was diagnosed at 9 months old to milk and egg. He is now 2 and his allergies have worsened. He had an anaphylactic reaction to milk in February 2018 at daycare. His allergy clinic closed in December 2017 so we had to switch. In March 2018 he has a skin test done and showed positive to milk and egg, but his allergist said it didn’t look “big enough” so ordered an oral challenge and refused to fill his epis. I told them he will not eat his allergens. Recently we got another option in the same office (only one within 6hrs) this time they tested with powered milk and not milk abstract. He Broke out everywhere and had a bad reaction that required them to use in house medication. His now 3rd allergist said if he was to do that oral challenge he could have died or suffered medically. I never will doubt my mommy instincts again.”