Henry's Story

Meet Henry, aged 11 from the UK..

He understands exactly what it means to have ANAPHYLAXIS and needs your help for Global positive change for his safety and to not become a marginalised member of our society.

His Mum Debbie describes her cherished son as a “good-looking fella” but she thinks she’s biased… I disagree and think he is delightful! What do you reckon?

In Oct 2016 the British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology published Guidelines for prescribing an Adrenaline Auto Injector (AAI).

People Vs BSACI including Debbie are campaigning their statement that “there is no good evidence that issuing 2 AAIs is necessary or cost-effective in most cases”.


Globalaai wants Allergy UK to support this causešŸ¤ we are not in competition with existing societies or associations we want to align with everyone for worldwide coordinated efforts for positive change.

You can support the campaign here:


It’s not just me that has Anaphylaxis it’s a worldwide community of humans of all ages and nationalities. Globalaai is here for GLOBAL awareness, safety and inclusivity let’s do this together.