Emilee's Story

Emilee is 10yrs old and mild lactose intolerant and a mixed mild/anaphylaxis to tree nuts and coconut. Cashews and pistachios are her worse enemies and almonds and coconut she just gets the upset belly result.

Emilee found out about her allergy at 2yrs of age and it took us until 7yrs to finally get a doctor to take her allergy seriously and not give us the whole ‘she will out grow it’ phase, at age 7, Emilee was admitted to hospital swollen and struggling to breathe after a cashew incident caused by mum, it was our worst nightmare but we finally got the doctors to listen and send a referral to the allergy clinic, a year later we got her seen and her skin prick test was performed. Her reaction to cashews and pistachios was off the charts and our first epi-pen was in our hands. The new adventure of learning more began. Emilee loves to dance, play lots of musical instruments and hang with her friends, she has the beginning of scoliosis, anxiety based sensory processing disorder and still manages to love life and make the most of her days.

Our hardest battle was making people remember she has this allergy when they buy stuff or make stuff for family functions or parties, checking labels isn’t the normal for most people!

Our school is Nut-free school and we are surrounded by amazing families at the school who dote on Emilee and go out of their way to make her feel special and well looked after. Emilee is learning to read labels and bake her own foods so she can have a better control on her allergy.

From the age of 2 Emilee has had an amazing awareness of her allergy and is more comfortable to go without then be sick. It’s such a delight knowing our daughter isn’t afraid to say no thankyou and walk away food and not be tempted.

We are so proud to be able to help people better understand what an allergy is about and make life long friends along the way.