Charlie's Story

Meet Charlie a beautiful little 5 year old boy from South Australia. Charlie is Anaphylactic to peanuts and eggs. He has a super Mummy Donna who is a fierce advocate for the inclusion and safety of her little boy and we applaud her and want her to know it’s this spirit that has founded globalaai. Together we call for allergy safe food and inclusivity on all airlines but especially our National Carrier, Qantas.

Whatever may have been achieved by allergy associations worldwide simply is NOT enough. Globalaai calls for clear labelling of the contents of airline food, and a sharing of responsibility with those who have anaphylaxis to allow them to have a relaxed and comfortable journey like everyone else on the plane.Poor little Charlie didn’t have a great time on a trip to LAX and his Mummy was unable to give him anything from the airline to eat safely.

Change needs to happen, one step at a time. One day we look forward to an airline embracing our Paper Plane Project to network and connect this world for social good. Have you bought a plane yet?

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Please give generously and help children like Charlie to live safely and be accepted into our society with inclusivity. #globalaaiaware