Brendan's Story

Here’s an important story from a supporter in Tasmania 🇦🇺 with Brendan’s story, how a happy young boy can become so instantly and severely ill in a moment from a simple mistake.

Their little boy hadn’t had a reaction since he was a baby and they admit they became complacent and forgot their EpiPen®️. Are they alone? NO. They’re human, it’s a common story, and it’s not easy living a life at risk of anaphylaxis. This family had trust in their local cafes and restaurants and they felt confident in ordering dishes they had eaten safely before, is that a mistake, well you know it shouldn’t be. In a perfect world it should be ok to eat out and avoid your allergens.

“My brother is anaphylaxis to all nuts. 
Sorry this is going to be long but please share.

Last night we decided to go out for a family tea for Bren’s, dad’s and my birthday. The food and the service was amazing, we were so full. We were given the dessert menu after being cleared and also saw there was apple crumble as a dessert special. When the waitress came back to take our order, Brendan asked, 
“Is there nuts in the apple crumble?” 
She asked if it was allergy, Bren told her yes. The waitress went to ask kitchen.
She came back letting us know there was NO NUTS in the apple crumble, so we ordered a couple of dessert specials and some other desserts. We mucked around and joked while we waited.
In a short amount of time a waitress brought out our dessert and we dug in, the crumble was delicious. 
Bren then said, 
“My throat feels fuzzy, I don’t feel right. I reckon there’s nuts in it.”
Mum said, “What do you mean? We asked if there was nuts in it.”
I let Mum know it did tasty nutty and gave her some try, “It taste like almonds or almond mill.”
Aaron asked Bren if he was alright, he said “No not really.”
We had all stopped eating and looked at Bren, he had pushed himself as far as he could away from the table and the dessert. He had become quite pale. 
Mum got up and went over to the waitresses behind the counter,
“What’s in the apple crumble? Is there nuts in the apple crumble?” 
One of the girls went to the kitchen to ask again. Mum kept asking the waitresses, 
“Is it made with almonds or almonds mill or macadamias?”
They said the waitress that went to ask kitchen will find out. 
She came back and said, “Yes, there are peanuts in it.”
Brendan is most highly anaphylaxis to peanuts. 
We all jumped up, grabbed Bren and our things, and headed for the door when one of the waitress said she had an Epipen. I sat Bren down and pull his trousers down to show his thigh, the waitress gave me the Epipen and I asked Bren if he was ready. I took the blue cap off the Epipen and stabbed him in the leg, holding in for 10 seconds. By this stage Mum was on the phone to 000, answering all their questions. They stayed on the phone with her until the paramedics arrived, they were brilliant. The waitresses couldn’t of been more helpful, they got us everything we needed and stayed by our side the whole time. Thank you to everyone that helped. 
Bren spent the night in hospital, he had a secondary reaction and had to be given more adrenaline. He’s okay now.
Now I’m not writing this to rip the restaurant or the waitresses, far from. However when we first asked about the nuts, Aaron saw the chef visibly shake his head saying no, then the same chef popped his head out and disappeared again when Mum was talking to 000. Not a word was said, he just hid in the kitchen after putting someone in a life and death situation. I work in hospitality I know what chefs are like, and I wish they understood the seriousness and respected the importance of allergy’s and other intolerances more. Don’t get me wrong some chefs are great, maybe because they know someone or have had experience with allergy’s or they actually give a shit but more training and courses about it wouldn’t hurt, would it? Being a chef isn’t just serving great food in quick time then packing down the kitchen just as quick so they go home. 🙄 Food effectives everything in our bodies, some foods give you pimples, some foods make your hair healthy, some foods give you energy and unfortunately for some people there are foods that will kill them. I understand being a chef is stressful and can be frustrating to have to cater for customers that have special dietary requirements and allergy’s. Like why can’t people just stick to the menu! But let me tell you, it’s just as frustrating for the people with the allergy’s or intolerances to have to dissect everything they eat just to make sure they don’t die or become very sick. A good rule of thumb, if you are unsure what is in something, go without, don’t serve it. This experience has taught us all something, and I just hope it has makes people more aware of the consequences of their actions when in a customer serving industry.”