Braden and Andrew's Story

Meet Braden and Andrew they are two American kids living in Spain! Their mum Leanne shares their story:

“There are unique challenges to being military kids with severe allergies. We travel often and with frequent moves must be extremely vigilant and well versed. We plan and prepare always. We rely heavily on translation apps, allergy support communities online and websites committed to offering up to date information on products. Advocating loudly as their parents for their safety never stops, because the adults/situations around them are frequently new and unfamiliar.

Braden is 9 and anaphylactic to multiple antibiotics and to a yet ‘unknown’ as he suffered a severe reaction while on the bus home from school without any exposure to his known allergens. He now self carries. He has become a huge champion and mentor for his little brother. Andrew is 4 and anaphylactic to Dairy in all forms. Both carry an Epipen Jr. 😊”