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“My son, Kai, is six years old, and we discovered about a year ago that he has a tree nut allergy. As he is getting older and starting to go alone to play dates and birthday parties, we have started to talk a lot about nuts and where they might be hiding. We have also talked about and practiced with his epinephrine trainer a lot so he is not scared of it. He is very brave around needles, as we have witnessed through all his blood draws for allergy testing.

Kai has always loved to draw, and he usually wakes up around five or six and spends a couple hours drawing before school. This drawing is what he showed me a couple days ago. He had been playing with Nerf guns over at the neighbor’s, and we had talked a lot about his nut allergy and how he’s not allowed to have ice cream over there, even though the neighbor eats it every day.

A picture is worth 1000 words, and I am so glad to see that he really understands his allergy and what his epinephrine pen is for. My hope is that his putting it together can help other children his age understand and make themselves safer.”



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“As the founder of globalaai it was an iconic opportunity to take a moment to reflect artistically on all of my allergies which are life threatening.

I am passionate about using an EpiPenĀ® (the only Adrenaline Auto-Injector available in Australia where I live) when in doubt, without fear or worry.

Anaphylaxis is a serious, terrifying and life-threatening condition that is chronic and can be difficult to live with, to care for someone with it or to be a loved one to someone who has life threatening reactions.

This image represents a snapshot of my life with anaphylaxis, over 30 reactions meaning trips in Ambulances and much trauma and heartache for those who love me so much.

Please enjoy having a life saving conversation while you mindfully colour in this page which is therapeutic for children, young adults and the young at heart.”

Pooja Newman, Globalaai Founder


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