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Tonya Winders

Please meet the inspirational Tonya Winders who is from Nashville and is the current President and CEO of Allergy & Asthma Network the leading US patient advocate association. She is also the president of Global Asthma and Allergy Patient Platform.

Angelica Duenner

Angelica is the chair of the not-for-profit, tax exempt Swiss Peanut Allergy & Anaphylaxis Association. Her son has multiple food allergies, some of them with potential anaphylactic reactions.

Amanda Terranova

Amanda Terranova is a marketing & communications director in the ageing and senior care sector for education provider Aged Care Channel (ACC) in Australia, UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Amanda is a Non Executive Director at Seniors Rights Service, which is a community legal centre that provides advocacy, legal advice and education to older people in NSW, Australia.

Nina Aagard

Nina has several allergies e.g. latex, eggs, and horses. She has designed an allergy app to help people with alleriges, the app is highly recommended by various European institutions, medical staff, and patients. She is working to find funding for the app. Nina has a background as UX Designer, Software designer and she has studied medical subjects.

Kate Fennell

The worst reaction she has had was during the Anthrax scare years ago, her boss insisted she had to wear gloves to open the mail. Kate knew if she did this she would have some sort of reaction and sure enough latex powder got in my eyes and my lips, they both blew up to at least three times the normal size and Kate couldn’t see out of her eyes properly until they went down hours later.

Joanne Keeling

“Hi, I’m Jo, mum of 2 and retired police officer from England, UK. I have had severe allergies (peanuts, almonds and latex) for the last 13 years and had many anaphylactic shocks. I fully support Globalaai as allergy awareness is vital. There is lack of information about allergies or they are often misunderstood and not taken seriously.”

Lee Odine

Lee is a full qualified Hairdresser of 27 years, aged 47 with 2 children.”I just hope in future no one gets to the 15th year before they’re heard but most important to me is I believe the government should bring in allergy education and training for cafes and restaurants.”


“I HAVE ALLERGIES, I want to educate Doctors, Allergists, Paramedics, Airlines, CONGRESS, the General Public (Who ever) that Allergies exist and with a little thought, and knowledge accommodations everyone can live a full life and be kept safe.”

Susan Bekir

“Dr Suzie is a Sydney based general practitioner with special interests in allergy. She co-founded Australian Allergy Centre and – offering Australia’s first Primary Care Allergy Clinics with bulk billing.”

John Darley

“The Hon John Darley Member Legislative Council in South Australian Parliament is doing his bit to RAISE Global Anaphylaxis Awareness in Parliament House.”

Aged Care Industry Association

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